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Alice Min Soo Chun
Alice Min Soo Chun is an Inventor, Social Entrepreneur, and CEO of Solight Design. Fueled by her passion for helping the underserved, Alice has invented products that address global crises. Her first invention, the SolarPuff, has impacted over 1 million people living in underserved regions worldwide.

Earth Hour

This Saturday, March 28 between 8:30pm and 9:30pm local time, one of the world’s most popular grassroots events in support of the environment will be celebrated. 

Like so many events this year, Earth Hour participants will have to adapt to a socially distanced, responsible way to celebrate. Almost 30% of Americans surveyed said they were planning to celebrate Earth Hour and, while the pandemic has changed some things, there are many ways to celebrate at home.

Even with the changes brought on by this year, Earth Hour's goal is to increase awareness of the importance of protecting nature, not only to prevent the climate crisis, but also to ensure our health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Here are some Earth Hour celebration ideas…

Solar Puff, Activities with Solight


  1. Use your beautiful Solights on their own or with candles. Play with them. They are kid-friendly and glow in the dark. Write a message in your backyard. (You might need a bunch of lights for this!)
  2. Put your Solights in your windows and signal support for both Earth Hour and our frontline Healthcare workers. Throughout the year, we have loved seeing our community shine their lights to show support for our essential workers. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Send a light to someone you care about but can’t visit or celebrate Earth Hour with. No doubt it will brighten your loved one's day and illuminate their night. Our solar lights are the only inflatable lights that self-inflate and do not require a mouth nozzle to blow up. In a time when hygiene is of paramount importance, our product design is more relevant than ever before.

4. Share photos of you and your family celebrating Earth Hour with your Solights. Educate your followers on the mission of Earth Hour and the power of solar energy. This will spread the impact of Earth Hour around the globe.


Solight, QWNN


Finding a new normal is challenging right now but planning an activity around Earth Hour at home is a great way to bring you and your family joy and celebration while signaling your support for climate change activists and frontline workers. 


With love and light,

- The Solight Design Team


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