Solar Camping Lights

Enjoy the great outdoors with Solight's collapsible origami solar lanterns. Our lanterns are lightweight and provide up to 12 hours of continuous light with an 8-10 hour charging time. Each of our lanterns pack flat so you can easily stash them in a backpack or the trunk of your car. Our Solar Puff and Solar Helix are perfect for backpacking as they are lightweight and can easily light up an entire tent or campsite. Our Solar QWNN light is perfect for off-grid campers who want to keep their devices charged. It’s powerbank holds a full phone charge and can be easily charged with the sun during the day to keep you connected at night. Turn any campsite into a glamping experience with Solight Design’s solar camping lanterns!

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Why Solight’s Solar Camping Lights?

All of Solight Design’s lanterns are waterproof and built to last. Use them in the rain, snow, and even in the river or lake! Our PET Sailcloth material ensures that our lanterns will stay tough even through the harshest conditions. Additionally, the origami fold pattern of our lanterns ensures they will hold their shape again and again and again.

Convenient – no need for batteries

Solight Design’s camping lanterns are convenient! There’s no need to worry about batteries or plugging in your lanterns to charge. Simply leave them out in the sun or tie them to your backpack during a hike and they will be ready to go! They are also safer than candles and battery-powered lights because there is no risk of flames or electrocution and no need to worry about properly disposing of batteries.

Hang them anywhere! Each Solight Solar Lantern includes a handle that can be easily attached to a tent, tree, or clothesline. Hang up several on online to create a camping string light effect or simply clip one onto your tent with a carabiner.

Recharge all your devices with the QWNN power bank USB charger. Simply plug in your USB and charge your phones, iPads, or kindles while out and about. Leave your QWNN in the sun during the day and charge your devices at night!