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Our Story

Our choices matter. Every time you choose clean light it's a big individual
step towards a more sustainable, solar lifestyle.
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Design Matters
The sun is an amazing thing. It gives us nine hundred and seventy trillion kilowatt hours of energy each day. That's enough energy to give every single person on the planet a lightbulb that would shine bright for their entire lifetime. But we have a crisis right now and it's tied to fossil fuels. It's making us sick. It's making our kids sick and it's making our planet sick. In the rest of the world, there's another toxic fossil fuel: Kerosene. And when the sun goes down, 1.6 billion people live without access to electricity and rely on kerosene to light their night.

We are passionate about designing beautiful products that help make choosing to live a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle easier and accessible.
Our solar lights are the new personal devices, thoughtfully designed to provide individualized access to solar energy. We don't need to wait years for large, expensive, solar infrastructure to act. We believe that each of us has the power to create change now.

Every Small Step Counts.
One solar light, instead of ligtbulb, saves 90 pounds of
carbon emissions a year.

10% Of Our Profit Helps Someone In Need.
We invented these lights to help make lives better.
1.6 billion people live without access to electricity.
You can also donate a light to give on our Give a light page!

Give A Light

Together we can change the way we
light our world

our innovative, award-winning origami design differentiates our solar lights from our competitors because it eliminates the need for a mouth nozzle to inflate. Easier and hygenic to open, our solar lights are designed to be able to transform from a flat polygon into beautiful cube with a simple pull-open action. Recognized globally, our designs have won several product innovation accolades, awarded two US utility patents and lauded by leaders in design including MoMA, the Modern Museum of Art.

Created By Architectural
And Material Experts

Utilizing the latest in recycleable, biodegradable fabric and material technology, our products are engineered to be lighter for ease of travel and to be stronger and more durable to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. We leverage smart material technology which enables immediate transformation from flat to cube with the ability to retain the rigid fold. Our unique fabrication of sail cloth material results in the creation of an amazing spectrum of beautiful light.

Alice Min Soo chun
As a little girl growing up in Seoul, Korea and then upstate New York, Alice spent many days learning how a simple fold can become structure. Origami forms were taught to her by her mother, who also taught Alice how to sew her own clothes. Always creative, fascinated by design, structure and forms, Alice studied architecture and received a masters in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Then became a Professor in Architecture and Material Technology at Columbia University. With emerging trends in material technology resulting in smarter, lighter. faster, sustainable fabrication, Alice started to sew solar panels to fabric as early experiments for harnessing solar energy with softer, malleable material. She became focused on solar technology and findings ways to create clean energy solutions upon learning her son Quinn was diagnosed with Asthma.

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