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How to Lower your Carbon Footprint

There are many small changes we can make in our daily lives that can add up to a big impact on the environment. By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and making more sustainable choices, we can all do our part in combatting climate change.

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Emergency Go Bag Checklist
In case of an emergency, having a go bag ready can be a lifesaver. A go bag is a kit or backpack that contains essential items you may need in case of an emergency, disaster, or evacuation.
Ukraine: Excerpts of Enlightenment

Mission: Light Ukraine

“Why are you going to a warzone?”
Each circumstance embodies more than one perspective. To pass through the border between fear or self-pity to a place of enduring acceptance is the lure and lust of traveling into zones of fear. My friends or experts say “don’t go” “you’ll be shot or killed or kidnapped or raped” I’m not denying that those truths exist, however, the idea of other truths,… which claim a new narrative of resilience, compassion, and hope is a reverent truth each time I cross borders.  The most remarkable people with souls of angels and hearts of giants are the exquisite treasures unearthed and cherished. Not only, a witness to the impact of the lights for bettering lives; the resonating quest sparks a flame in each traveler or host by nudging our humanity. Breaching the limits of prejudice and fear is my enticement each time I go on one of these missions.  So, this will suffice to deter despair or danger or death to induce me to embark each laborious voyage with the joy of a child.
How Alice Min Soo Chun & Her Company Solight Are Helping the People of Ukraine (Good Morning America)
Alice Min Soo Chun, the co-founder and CEO of Solight Design, gave thousands of collapsible, portable solar light lanterns to people in Ukraine. Video Transcription George: One woman's mission to literally bring the gift of light to Ukraine, as the...
Marie Claire POWERTRIP 2022 by Alice Min Soo Chun
Sending big hugs and immense gratitude to all the Marie Claire team for their unstoppable endurance, olympian discipline, and most of all their kindness to Sally H., Erin, Courtney, Tanya, Megan and all the amazing women that graced the clouds this year #powertrip2022 with their courage, passion and never ending kindred spirit.
Solar Lights for Backpacking and Camping
Meet Delaney, Solight’s very own graphic designer, writer, avid Camper/Hiker, and marketing aficionado. Delaney joined our team nearly one year ago, supporting Solight with remote creative work while living in New Orleans. Delaney was compelled to join Solight because her...
Solar lanterns for Power outages
Renewable resources such as hand-powered lights or solar lights are far less risky in an extended emergency situation. With solar-powered lights, recharging them was easily accessible by putting them on a windowsill or outside. The Solar Helix, a collapsible solar-powered light cube, easily follows throughout the house; they stayed bright for my needs for hours. 
Camping Essentials Checklist | What to Bring on a Camping Trip
Did you know that June is National Camping Month? Though the origin of this designation is rather unclear, it is well-deserved. In the Northern Hemisphere, June is accompanied by warm temperatures and long days. Because of these perfect conditions, many...