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Off Grid Lighting | Portable & Bright Solar Power Lights

Solight’s solar lanterns are ideal for those who are exploring alternate lighting sources for off-grid living. Our lanterns and power banks allow users to light their nights again and again without reliance on the power grid or batteries. These lights pack flat for easy transport and can be taken on camping trips, placed in emergency kits, or stashed in the car. Additionally, our range of lights and features means that we have the perfect product to fit your situation. Easily light your cabin, tent, or home with our powerful, eco-friendly and portable solar lanterns.

Additionally, our Solar QWNN light and power bank can be used to charge a phone or other portable device. Simply charge the lantern with the sun during the day and use it to plug in your phone and light your room at night!

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Why Do Solight’s Solar Lanterns Make For An Ideal Off Grid Lighting Solution?

Solight Design Lanterns are perfect for any adventure. They are resourceful and practical, requiring no additional batteries or other sources of power. They can hold up to 10 hours of light for most small lanterns and our QWNN holds up to 40 hours of light. Additionally, our Solar QWNN light power bank can keep all your devices charged.

Our lights tap into the power of the sun, making them the most environmentally-friendly choice for off-grid living. Unlike other lighting sources, they don’t require batteries or oil that can be harmful to the environment and the air. Additionally, all of our lights are made from non-toxic PET sailcloth that is 100% recyclable. Those who live and camp off-grid know just how important reducing our reliance on traditional power sources can be and Solight’s Solar Powered lanterns are the perfect first step.

Our lights are sustainable in more ways than one. Solight Design’s reliance on Solar Power means that you can recharge your lights again and again. With an expected product lifetime of over 10 years, our lights are designed to last.

Solight Design’s lanterns are safe for the whole family. Burning candles or oil lanterns can pose fire hazards, especially in areas prone to wildfire. Our lights are safe for kids and additionally require no mouth nozzle to inflate, reducing the spread of germs.

Enjoy the great outdoors with Solight's self inflatable solar lanterns. Lightweight and up to 12 hours of continuous light with an 8-10 hour charging time.