Are Solar Lights Worth it?
Short answer is YES! Now we'll tell you 6 reasons why Solar Lights Are worth it! People often ask us, "Are Solar Lights Worth It?" And we have six reasons why solar lights are worth it! There are many ways to light...
Holiday Lanterns Gift Guide 2022
Decorative Holiday Lighting Ideas Holiday lighting is the essential for getting in the spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza lighting. Have someone on your shopping list who is a collector of all things beautiful. Someone whose taste is so refined it seems...
SOLIGHT’S COMMITMENT - HOW WE PRIORITIZE ENVIRONMENTALLY AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PRACTICES? Though small in size, Solight’s female-driven team brings a lot of passion to the work we do. We care deeply about delivering products that are useful and durable to our...
They Say That The Mother of Invention is Necessity.
  We believe small things done with a collective of like minded people, has the power to change the world. The SolarPuff was born out of need when the first earthquake happened in Haiti killing an estimated 200,000 and injured...
The American Indian tribes living on reservations in UTAH, Arizona, New Mexico are comprised of over 12 different tribes; Navajo, Cheyenne, Uintah and Ouray are just a few. Last week we went to the University of Utah and met with (American...
Hurricane Preparedness Kit
June 1st, for many, marks the beginning of a long-awaited summer season. Additionally, it marks the beginning of the 2021 hurricane season which lasts until November 30th. The forecast shows that this season is predicted to be “Above Normal,” following...
How a Solar Lantern Saved My Life
November 26th, 2020 Today was the 4th day of the expected 18 day Atlantic crossing from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia. I woke up early in the morning for my 3am shift. We had been rotating every three hours between...
Packaging - Why Your Choices Matter
Thoughts on Packaging: In June 2010, Solight Design’s founder and inventor, Alice Min Soo Chun, traveled to Nigeria to test early prototypes of the Solarpuff. With just a backpack and some SolarPuff prototypes she traveled to one of the poorest...
The Power of the Sun: Earth Day 2021
In the decades leading up to the first Earth Day in 1970, our gas guzzling mammoth automobiles, oil, and production industries spewed out smoke and debris with no conscience of consequence. We were oblivious to the sinister threats that pollution would have on our health.
My Story with Solight Design - Sherrye
I moved to NYC to join the Solight Design team full time and I was living in New York when COVID19 started. My mother (being a Mom) asked me to quarantine in February 2020 since she was closely following what was happening around the world and she forecasted that we needed to self-isolate for a while.
Earth Hour, Support the Environment With Us
Finding a new normal is challenging right now but planning an activity around Earth Hour at home is a great way to bring you and your family joy and celebration while signaling your support for climate change activists and frontline workers. 
Celebrating Women's History Month
Before Solight Design, our founder, Alice Chun was a teacher with a passion for empowering young kids and especially young girls to spread the values of empathy, integrity, and sustainability around the world.
Lighting the Way Forward for Sierra Leone
When a world acclaimed scientist returns home to lead the charge helping rural villages in Sierra Leone, the results are positively life changing. On this UN International Day of Charity, Dr. David Kargbo, CEO of EnviroOne continues to light the way forward.
Get Ready for Hurricane Season with Solar Lanterns
Hurricane season brings no shortage of devastating flooding and power outages. Here are 4 reasons why Solight Solar Lanterns are a better alternative to flashlights for hurricane preparedness.
Energy Poverty In Our Backyard: How One Detroit Community Is Leveraging Solar For Affordable Power.
Energy poverty impacts millions of families in the US. With the help of the Honnold Foundation, Reverend Joan Ross and the NEWCC use solar power in a Detroit community to make energy affordable.
The Power of Light in Farming: How Solar Light Changed A Farmer's Life After Hurricane Maria.
To celebrate UNESCO’s International Day of Light, we are reminded about the power of light and the role solar light can play in the lives of farmers who have been devastated by natural disaster.