They Say That The Mother of Invention is Necessity.
  We believe small things done with a collective of like minded people, has the power to change the world. The SolarPuff was born out of need when the first earthquake happened in Haiti killing an estimated 200,000 and injured...
The American Indian tribes living on reservations in UTAH, Arizona, New Mexico are comprised of over 12 different tribes; Navajo, Cheyenne, Uintah and Ouray are just a few. Last week we went to the University of Utah and met with (American...
The Power of the Sun: Earth Day 2021
In the decades leading up to the first Earth Day in 1970, our gas guzzling mammoth automobiles, oil, and production industries spewed out smoke and debris with no conscience of consequence. We were oblivious to the sinister threats that pollution would have on our health.
Earth Hour, Support the Environment With Us
Finding a new normal is challenging right now but planning an activity around Earth Hour at home is a great way to bring you and your family joy and celebration while signaling your support for climate change activists and frontline workers. 
Celebrating Women's History Month
Before Solight Design, our founder, Alice Chun was a teacher with a passion for empowering young kids and especially young girls to spread the values of empathy, integrity, and sustainability around the world.