Solar Powered Emergency Lights

Energy experts report alarm about US electric grid: 'Not designed to withstand the impacts of climate change' The analysis from Climate Central, a nonprofit research group, revealed that from 2000 to 2021, 83% of all reported power outages are caused by a weather-related event, from drought-fueled wildfires to damaging storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes – many of which will only intensify as the climate warms. Emergency Black Out numbers are on an upward trend. Researchers reported that outages in the past 10 years had increased by 64% compared with the previous decade.

Electricity cuts are unpredictable as they can happen anywhere, anytime. To manage the electricity cuts, you will need the best emergency lights. These SolarPuff and QWNN power banks work great when natural disasters strike, when there’s no assurance when the power will be restored. These emergency lanterns are also useful when lights turn off suddenly while at home watching a movie or in the middle of chores. Emergency lights should help during all emergency times and are easy to use. They should be sturdy and reliable. The SolaPuff lantern is the best emergency light for any situation, and also a handy light for camping trips, garden lighting and other indoor and outdoor activities. When power outage strikes, the first thing we do is look for an emergency light. However, in the darkness, it’s not an easy feat. The SolarPuff lantern is easy to use and does not need batteries since they recharge with the sun. Acid cell batteries are an added risk for the environment and they are a long term cost that is mitigated if you have a solar rechargeable battery. In situations that leave you with no grid you don't need the hassle of trying to find batteries on top of finding a flash light which is useless for home lighting and a lantern is far more useful for lighting up a room. Giving you some semblance of normality in a dire situation.

Ensure your household is prepared for power outages & blackouts

Our emergency solar lantern bundle helps ensure your household is prepared for power outages & blackouts. Light your whole home from bedrooms to bathroom to kitchen and have a solar USB charger & power bank ready to charge your phone(s) and other small devices when the power goes out.

Don’t leave your family in the dark. Be ready for even extended power failures with solar lights which are durable, rechargeable, beautiful, and easy to use.

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