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Alice Min Soo Chun
Alice Min Soo Chun is an Inventor, Social Entrepreneur, and CEO of Solight Design. Fueled by her passion for helping the underserved, Alice has invented products that address global crises. Her first invention, the SolarPuff, has impacted over 1 million people living in underserved regions worldwide.

Meet Delaney, Solight’s very own graphic designer, writer, avid Camper/Hiker, and marketing aficionado. Delaney joined our team nearly one year ago, supporting Solight with remote creative work while living in New Orleans. Delaney was compelled to join Solight because her passion for environmental and social justice aligned with the company's mission. Alice Min Soo Chun, Solight's founder, designed Solight's lanterns to meet the needs of those affected by Haiti's 2008 earthquake. Delaney is committed to helping Solight make light more sustainable and accessible to people all around the world. Read more about how to use Solights for backpacking here.

Charging her SolarPuffs on a backpacking trip into the Bitterroot Mountains in June 2022


Backpacking is not complete without the Solarpuff. After living in Louisiana for 5 years, Delaney recently left New Orleans and relocated to Bozeman, Montana. Her move back west was inspired by a yearning for a more nature and  mountainous landscape like the one surrounding her childhood home in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not working out in Bozeman, Delaney is sure to be found exploring the beauty that surrounds her new surroundings of mother nature and Montana Hiking trails. Whether it’s rock climbing, skiing, trail running, or biking Delaney is always seeking new places and landscapes. Solight lanterns are always on Delaney’s packing list when she heads out for overnight outdoor endeavors. Solights have proven themselves incredibly useful on backpacking, car camping, or river trip adventures during the hours after sunset. 

Did you know that a solar light is one of the ten essentials survival items anyone heading into the backcountry is advised to always cary with them? Delaney is a huge fan of bringing Solights on overnight outings because they bring any camping space to life because of the long lasting and bright glow they provide. Here are a few trips around Montana on which Delaney has brought along her Solight lanterns. 

 Camping solar lights are portable and flat pack for easy travel and storage. Camping and Backpacking lamps by Solight are all origami design and engineered. for durability

Some items Delaney packed for an overnight ski trip to the Mystic Lake Cabin outside of Bozeman in February.


Charging Solights captured on a multi day backcountry ski trip in the Beartooth Mountains in April.

 Solar lamp and phone charger best for camping. QWNN solar lamp has two big solar panels and up to 600 lumens

Solar QWNN with phone charging and up to 600 lumens- perfect for your nature expedition and camp ground. Get your QWNN here.

Warm White SolarPuff illuminating the same glow as the sunset on the beautiful Crazy Mountain range from a backpacking trip in July


Solight’s suspended in tents create the perfect glow. Captured on an overnight climbing trip in Revenue Flats in June


Delaney is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and minimizing her impact on the planet. Solights are durable, rechargeable, and recyclable, making them the perfect item to include in her arsenal of outdoor gear. Keep an eye on Solight’s instagram for more images of how Delaney uses her Solights when heading into the Montana backcountry. 

A volunteer helping deliver Solar Helix lanterns in LaPlace, Louisiana

Best Emergency Light. Less than a month after Delaney joined Solight, Category 4 hurricane Ida swept through Southeastern Louisiana and New Orleans, devastating communities in its path. In collaboration with neighbors and other local organizations, Delaney helped launch the Give-A-Light Ida campaign to bring light to LaPlace, a community that struggled to regain electricity for over a month after the storm. 




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