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Alice Min Soo Chun
Alice Min Soo Chun is an Inventor, Social Entrepreneur, and CEO of Solight Design. Fueled by her passion for helping the underserved, Alice has invented products that address global crises. Her first invention, the SolarPuff, has impacted over 1 million people living in underserved regions worldwide.

2021 Hurricane Season Preparedness

June 1st, for many, marks the beginning of a long-awaited summer season. Additionally, it marks the beginning of the 2021 hurricane season which lasts until November 30th. The forecast shows that this season is predicted to be “Above Normal,” following trends of elevated destruction of hurricanes over time. According to the New York Times, “Federal scientists on Thursday forecast that 2021 could see in the range of 13 to 20 named storms, six to 10 hurricanes, and three to five major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher in the Atlantic.” 

While there is little we can do to stop these storms from happening, residents who live in hurricane prone areas such as the Gulf South and the East Coast can take steps necessary to ensure that their families are prepared when these storms come. Solight Design has responded to many hurricanes over the years as communities who have lost power benefit greatly from our lights. While our response to these storms is incredibly important, we also believe our lights can prove to be a valuable asset for families as part of their emergency preparedness kit. 

Today, our Digital Marketing Manager, Olivia Folger, is highlighting some of the essentials she includes in her Emergency Kit as a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2020, five storms hit the coast of Louisiana, including the eye of Hurricane Zeta, the first time the eye of a storm has passed over New Orleans in 50 years. As a result, Olivia and her roommates have put together an emergency preparedness kit to ensure they are able to get through frequent blackouts and potential other dangers posed by the storm.


  1. Non-Perishable Food Supply: Ensure your family has enough food that's easy to prepare for at least 3 days if you are planning on evacuating and up to a 2-week supply if staying home.
  2. Safe Drinking Water: One gallon of drinking water per-person, per-day with at least a 3 day supply if evacuating and a 2 week supply if staying home. Fill bathtubs with water for showers/flushing toilets.
  3. Solar Powered Lantern and Phone ChargerKeep your family safe at night with a fully charged Solight lantern. We recommend one per-person so no one is ever left in the dark. The Solar QWNN also doubles as a USB charger for your phone and other devices, keeping you connected. 
  4. First Aid Kit and Medications: Keep at least a 7-day supply of all necessary medications on-hand. Additionally, stock up on band-aids, medicine, and other first aid essentials.
  5. Multipurpose Tool: A good multipurpose tool like a Swiss Army Knife can be used in a wide variety of situations and ensures that you will have tools on-hand at all times.
  6. Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Items: Baby wipes, travel soap, masks, a change of clothes and hand sanitizer are essential for getting your family through potentially long stretches without a source of running water. If you have young children, keep extra diapers on hand as well. 
  7. Copies of personal documents and cash: Make sure your essentials like medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies are in a waterproof container and are easily accessible to grab and go. Additionally, keep extra cash on hand.

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