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Alice Min Soo Chun
Alice Min Soo Chun is an Inventor, Social Entrepreneur, and CEO of Solight Design. Fueled by her passion for helping the underserved, Alice has invented products that address global crises. Her first invention, the SolarPuff, has impacted over 1 million people living in underserved regions worldwide.

National Weather Service forecasters urge preparedness in their latest hurricane update indicating an extremely active peak season. As of early August, it has already been a record-setting season with 9 named storms. 2020 is predicted to be the most active season since 2015 with an outlook forecasted at between 19 -25 named storms. An average season is 12.

Satellite image of Hurricane Hanna before landfall
Source: NBC News

When it comes to hurricane preparedness lists, flashlights and disposable batteries are recommended for weather emergencies from trusted sources including The American Red Cross, FEMA, CDC, The Weather Channel. Hurricanes and tropical storms leave behind widespread flooding and power outages and emergency lights need to hold up under these conditions. The case for collapsible solar lanterns as an alternative to flashlights (or at least in addition to) couldn’t be stronger.

4 Reasons Why Solar Powered Hurricane Lanterns are a Great Choice

Here are 4 reasons why Solight Solar Lanterns are a better alternative to flashlights for weather emergencies.

Hurricane Hanna Tropical Storm CNN
Source: CNN

1. It gets really wet out there! The ideal light source needs to be waterproof. And if your light floats, even better in severe flooding because you will never lose them even if it gets dropped. All of our cube Solar Lanterns are certified IP68 waterproof, can be submerged in water and yes, can actually float! They are super lightweight, and easy to carry around if you need to venture outside. Your average flashlight doesn’t stand a chance on this front. They are heavier and if they get dropped, wet and submerged in water, it’s probably lights out.

Power outage during hurricane

2. There will be a power outage. And you never know for how long. Across hurricane-prone states, utility companies will be managing the need to restore power after a major storm in the midst of a global pandemic. And the prospect that it will take longer to restore power is high.

Unlike flashlights, Solar Lanterns do not need an ongoing supply of disposable batteries to keep the lights on. Moreover, keeping a supply of flashlights with enough disposable batteries on hand for your family and household can definitely add up. There’s also the issue that disposable alkaline batteries are just not good for the planet. For about the price of a good quality flashlight and a week’s supply of disposable batteries, you can have several Solar Lanterns on hand for your family members, throughout your home and as back ups.

Solar lanterns for hurricane and tropical storm

3. Versatility. Yes versatility. Not typically something you would consider but unlike the focused beam of light you would get from a flashlight, Solight Solar Lanterns provide a variety of light options and usefulness including omni-directional lighting, convenient handles, and flat-bottom design. This means handsfree lighting for focused tasks or to light up a room. Solights also have multiple settings depending on the model, including low to high, light sensor mode, SOS blinking mode and bright or warm color light. When the power is out you can hang your lights as a central source of light, place them on surfaces like table lamps and task lights and easily carry them around with you for safety and visibility in the dark.

No inflation required for Solight collapsible lanterns
  1. Self-Inflating. No blowing up like a beach ball. There is no comparison to flashlights on this point! But it is a product design point of difference versus other collapsible solar lanterns. The award-winning, origami product design means our Solight Solar Lanterns self-inflate - no blowing up each light like a beach ball! In addition to being easier to open and close with a twist open action, you don’t need to keep re-inflating. Or be worried about spreading germs via the mouth nozzle if you share your light. 

We’re not saying don’t have a flashlight on hand. Just have lots of Solights ready to go! They are extreme weather-tested and a reliable alternative to flashlights as experienced in Hurricanes Dorian, Maria, Harvey, Irma. Unlike the average flashlight, they do not require a supply of disposable batteries, are waterproof, lightweight and long-lasting. And they are better for the planet! 

It goes without saying, this hurricane season is unprecedented with the health crisis we are in the midst of right now. In addition to preparing as you would normally, it is just as important to add hand sanitizer and face masks to your checklist and to check for changes to shelters and evacuation orders due to the pandemic. Stay safe. When the power goes out, Solight Solar Lanterns will shine brightly with light and love.

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