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Donate Light to Puerto Rico & US Virgin Island 
By contributing one light to the Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island relief effort, you are helping a family of 6 people. Right now less than 40% of the island has power. During our recent visit we went into the hills just 15 minutes outside of San Juan and no houses had power. Many of the elderly living alone have been locked in with no light when the sun goes down. Through our partners, such as Studio Unite, Third Wave Volunteers, Solar4PR, Operation Blessings, United Way and others,  Solight Design has shipped and distributed over 15,000 lights. Our goal is to send 10,000 lights now and another 10,000 and then another.

One light from you can make a big difference. to an entire family. Many of these people have been through some of the worst traumas of their lives losing everything they own. A little light gives them hope. As Mayor Yulin Cruz of San Juan called our lights…”They are not just a cube of light but a cube of hope”.  Help us light up their world.

Donate Light to Sierra Leon (Partner organization EnviroOne)

EnviroOne is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2007 with the goal of promoting and fostering a sustainable future through environmental, agricultural and microfinance activities in the US and around the world. A seven-member board of directors runs the company while a talented group of individuals with experience in government, the private sector, and academia manages the day-to-day activities of EnviroOne.

At EnviroOne we believe that all it takes is three (knowledge, good health, and food) to change, empower and transform someone’s life. That is why education and capacity building (through our instruction and micro-finance programs), health/environment (through our clean water programs), and food (through our sustainable agriculture programs) are at the core of what we do. With these three, we have been able to empower and transform people’s lives especially in the poorest regions of the world. However, the availability of light energy can greatly enhance our efforts in education and capacity building. This is why we seek a partnership with SoLight Design.


Your purchase covers the cost of one light that will be sent to one of our 501.c.3 non profit charitable partners.  Please note that this purchase is not tax deductible.

When you choose Give SolarPuff(™), you do not receive a product. Only choose this option if you would like the selected number of lights to go to our partner NGOs.

If you would like to donate directly to our Partners, visit

  • Buy a light or lights through our GIVE SolarPuff™ program.
  • Your GIVE light goes directly to our non-profit partners.
  • Our non-profit partners working actively on the ground to deliver them to where they are most needed.
When you choose Give SolarPuff™, you do not receive a product. Only choose this option if you would like the selected number of lights to go to our partner NGOs. Do you have a program that can benefit from Solight-Design Products, Contact us at

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