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An amazing solar lamp

We love these lamps. I received one as a gift and love the light it provides so much that we have gotten several more. They are great for light in our yard at night a provide fantastic ambiance. I have charged them using the solar cells and it is easy and very convenient. Some day I will take them camping, but for now they are perfect for what I need.

Thank you Brian! We totally agree with you about the ambiance, we tried hard to get a good light effect with the LEDS combined with the diffuser material.
You brightened. our day!!

Can’t get enough of them. Please restock the bundle.

off-grid lighting

Aloha to you all, and mahalo piha for the wonderful lights we have from you. I do not have the words. They help us each day. We have a couple small outbuildings with no electricity. One i keep by the altar. We also have been using so the cats we are helping to rehabilitate have a little light at night. I know it gives them comfort. Thank you again for these wonderful lights.

Fantastic product

Super bright and versatile.


Hermosa lámpara e innovadora

The Perfect Companion

Don’t let the name “mini” fool you. These little guys are amazing and throw ample light! They weigh nothing, but light up an area in a festive and useful way. Very happy to have found them.

What wonderful and brilliant review! Thank you so much!!! We love that you like the small but mighty aspect of our solar lights!

Awesome light!

The perfect camping partners! These little lights are amazing. Light weight, reliable, and lovely to look at!

You are AMAZING and wonderful! Thank you for sending us a warm and DELIGHTFUL. (pun intended) review!!!!

Great camping light

Went on a camping trip for 3 nights so having a solar powered light was ideal. The white light helped with the cooking and the coloured lights helped to set the mood afterwards. Great product thanks!

Amazing - no other word !

Clean design, perfect lighting, easy to use everywhere even in the water, easy and light to carry and store - are we talking about an ecological revolution in lighting ?

Dear Florent,
Thank you so much for your review!! YES YES it is an 'ecological revolution in Lighting!'
Love that!!

Perfect! Just what I wanted!

Love them! They are bigger than the ones I usually use, and it is perfect, just what I wanted!
Throws a bit more light. As always, I am showing them to my friends and they and going to purchase them for emergency preparedness. Thanks again Solight

My parents loved it

My parents absolutely loved it as a gift. Genuinely seemed thrilled.


best camping solar lantern

Such a great camping lantern! We have 10 of them for our long camping adventures and we love them to have in each tent and some on our picnic table in the evening. we have kids and these are so much better than candles orr flashlights!! We go camping every summer and this is the best camping lantern Ive used in 20 years.


I used this for camping last week and it was perfect for getting light in my tent and changing my phone! I also keep it in the car for picnics and when we travel.

A user for life!

I participated in the first kickstarter for this product line because the product seemed amazing and they gave free lites to disaster relief and to rural areas without electricity like small African villages. I've been buying them yearly to give to family and friends for emergency use, travel, and camping. They are indispensable and sustainable.

Great! Always works love the glow

Lovely Lights

All Solight products are wonderful. We have quite a few now and will continue to purchase.



Your product and service is wonderful.
Thank you be well


I was very impressed and think most people would like to have this in an emergency when the power is off. Impressive!

Love the lights

Perfect for travel. A great source of light when camping off the grid or just brining good vibes to the garden. I started with one and now I have 5. They hang easily from trees, branches, tents. I love them!!!!



A valuable tool during power outages

My son is in college. He now has a valuable tool which will lessen his stress during power outages such as have recently occurred on campus. He won't have to worry about batteries!

Great Lights

The Twilight is a very handy solar light. I have them in my earthquake kit and one in my car. They’re also great for travel. They’re sturdy, charge up easily and provide a nice amount of light.

Solarpuff Review

A bit pricey in my , but I do like them a lot. On/off button a bit small, hard to press with so little resistance. Would be nice to have indicator of full charge.