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Bought these for my grandchildren and Ukraine childrens hospital. I love this light. worked right out of the box. Folds down to nothing, think origami. Good quality, velcro strap for hanging, and a separate handle. Grand kids are in their 20's. The perfect Easter gift.

Collapsible solar lanterns

I love these lanterns! I ordered a couple for myself & donated 2 to the Ukraine cause.
I plan on ordering again in the future

Electrician endorsed

I bought the small simple cube light to try. I like it so much that I will be ordering the other style where I can charge my cell phone also. My brother used one of my lights when he was doing electrical work as he had to shut off power to do the work. The light was bright and lasted a long time. He really liked it. 👍

Best lightweight portable easy

I love my solight!! I stumbled upon their product by chance and it’s actually just what I needed. I am in an apartment without a generator and always worry about lost power. Now at least I will have a simple light I can carry around anywhere and it’s so easy to use and bright!! Thank you!

colorful lighting

The color solar lights are a nice variation on white lights. I'd like to figure out how to get a warm yellow-white setting, not sure if I can do that, but we use these lanterns to set mood lighting for drinks out on the deck in backyard in summer time. Also keep them for emergency lighting if power goes out.

Color therapy solar lantern

I love this colorful solar lantern, it makes me happy during these gray gloomy days we are having. I only wish I would’ve ordered a couple more when they were on sale for$20.00

Awesome puffs!

I live in my van & sometimes ( stormy snowy days in a row) I don't have solar. Now I have battery free lights all night and early mornings. Just awesome! Please donate one for folks in troubled parts of Earth. They change lives for the better.

Dear RUTH!
Thank you so much for your kindness and we are so glad they help you with your life in the Van! Thank you for sharing your light!!

A delightful gift

I love my Solight lantern and have given it to many of my close friends. During the winter we tend to have power outages and the lamps come in very handy. Last December we had a large earthquake, which was completely unnerving and disrupted power for at least a day. It was comforting to have the Solight!
I felt good about participating in the Ukraine effort, by donating a Solight. You do good work!

Collapsible solar lantern

These lanterns are amazing for what we do in our off grid life style! We like how we can charge them from a window as well as outside. Visitors at our farm stay tents also use them for everything they get up to around the space.
Looking forward to trying them on the pond this year!

Best gift

I like solar energy light ,it save a lot of energy, also good design,overall :perfect gift for myself

I now have 3 of these lights! I ordered two more when my daughter gave me one. They really are such a useful and clever design.

Solar Lantern

I think these solar lights are beautiful and such a creative clever invention! I was deeply moved when Alice donated thousands to Ukraine!

The Best Lights!

I absolutely love my QWNN solar lantern! I've been searching everywhere for a sustainable light that would provide a nice aesthetic in any room I used it in, and Solight-Design takes the cake! I also very much love and admire, all the humanitarian efforts Alice the founder puts forth. I always recommend a brand who is ethical. Will purchase again soon!

Great product

Works great, very clever design, super light weight. Wow!

Great customer service

Very happy with the products and the customer service. One item was the incorrect model and the correct model was sent out within 24 hours.

It’s a great gift!

Arrival and Lights were 5 star

Arrived on time and how I expected them! A great product! We gave these as corporate gifts and they were very well received.

A wow moment gift

Gifted to a camping/climbing/outdoor enthusiast... it was an instant hit, and so beautiful, as well, popped up out of the package glowing. Bonus was the option to donate to a hospital in Ukraine.


Perfect size Nicley compact for travel
Very good light brightness
Love the red

Best Little Light

Perfect little mood booster! Compact, at-the-ready; this little light packs a wallop of brightness when you push the button.
You can either have lots of light in an emergency or you can tuck the light in a corner at night and pick your color for some ambience. Love it!

Love this light. 5 stars !!!

My family and I love this this lantern - it's been used all over our house and attic, on camping trips and rock festivals.
I also admire the initiative by the founder, Alice, who is providing light to Ukrainian children in Lviv Hospital during these dark days.
I like this lantern so much that I have also just given a lantern as a gift to each of the Snapfix team, and we are also supporting the Ukrainian initiative.

Well done Team Solight.
Paul, Founder & CEO, Snapfix

Solight button broke

The Solight button didn’t work to turn on after charging for 9 hours, less than 1 month after purchase. Wrote to Solight about issue & whether there was guaranty & never heard back. Have purchased 15+ over years, never w/button issue
Love what you do on international disaster scope.

Hi There Melinda, We can send you a return label and once we receive it we will send a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience and will send you a return label shortly.

Love this!

Bought for Christmas for my daughter now in her first apartment. Thought she could use the lantern instead of some of her lamps saving on expensive electricity use.

Good product with unacceptable fulfillment issue

Solar Puff lights have improved over earlier versions which had a poor build quality and employed poor materials: handles came loose, solar panels detached from the body and switches corroded and stopped functioning after a short period. Current versions have improved build quality and studier materials; the switch assembly has improved too. Solar Puffs charge quickly and hold the charge for a considerable period of time - much like the excellent Panasonic rechargeables. The basic problem in our recent order of Solar Puffs is the unacceptable fulfillment of that order by Solight Design's Nevada fulfillment centre: the order was carelessly loaded into a weak cardboard carton, a wad of bubble wrap placed on top - possibly to stop potential rattle - rather than around the items to protect them in transit. The parcel arrived in poor shape: squashed on all sides; the local Post wrapped it in heavy-duty plastic wrap at its central processing centre to ensure that none of the contents would be lost. Since I paid good money for shipment, I am most aggrieved at this service and am of the strong view that my shipment fee should be refunded in full, and that Solight Design will replace at no charge any item in our shipment that may fail over the next few months due to shipment related issue. Thus, my mixed review of a good and improved product, essential for our life in the tropics and the frequent power outages, due to this unacceptable fulfillment experience. I doubt this review will be published but trust responsible management will take the time to review QA procedures at Solight Design's Nevada fulfillment centre.

Dear Clinton,
We have sent you. a refund for your shipping cost and sent. you an email concerning your experience. Thank you for letting us know the package was damaged- Please send us pictures of the damaged package so we can discuss with our fulfillment center. We apologize for the packaging method and will work to improve this issue.
Please email info@solight-design if you need anything.