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Perfect string light set up!

I purchased a multi-pack so I could change up several Solar Puffs on a string in my backyard. The velcro strap allows them to perfectly hang above my table, and the lanters always impress my guests because of how long the battery lasts. Thanks for making such a great product!

High quality product

This light adds so much vibrancy to any space I use it in. I love the color changing setting for when I am studying at night. It keeps me calm and engaged in my work. FIVE STARS!

Best gift I've ever received!

Was gifted the Helix for my birthday and, being someone who spends a lot of time camping, I cannot believe how much use I've gotten from it! Anyone who relies on batter-powered lanterns and flashlights should consider switching to a Solight ASAP!

Kids love them!

I have a bunch of solights but finally tried the multicolor ones for my kids birthday party- was much better than giving candy or plastic toys.
The kidds lit the room and had a tossing party with the lights! The room was like being in a rainbow it was were amazing.

Ray N Nadine Valme

The Solight Solar Puffs were our nighttime lifesavers during our week-long power outage caused by the devastation of hurricane Irma.

Saved us during blackouts!

I really needed these lights. As I, explained to the wonderful customer service I, am handicapped with MS. When the Earthquakes hit Puerto Rico I was given one soler light and we are a family 10. So thanks once again for the discount and the free shipping. May God in his infinite grace bless your company. Thank You.

Best Design

I'm an out door junkie and love gardening, this has been great to use while I take care of my garden in the community plot and in my back yard. Sometimes I work outside til the sun goes down and this light turns on by its self to help me see what I'm doing in the evening, it's brilliant, (pun intended)

Moose camp

I had a total of 12 cubes and one QWNN unit and lit up my camp like never before! I spent 7 days camping with only 3 days to charge with sunshine and the solights worked for about 6-8 hours each night with a couple left on till they died out. Recharged in the sun the next day and repeat at night again. I was able to keep my cell phone charged with no problems as well. My fellow hunters (4) were able to sit and relax in the shelter of a lit up weather proof campsite and cook and eat without additional lights! No gas lights used! Only solar and battery powered units. A very cool product! I have used the cube for about 5 years now also, excellent tool for working in crawl spaces too. Just toss one in the corners and light up the entire area to be worked in. I could go on and on! Thanks for your product!

Great light!

I'm an avid backpacker and I'm always on the lookout for lightweight and small items. This solar light is perfect! You can adjust the brightness of the light, flatten the light out, and just clip it to your backpack, and let the sun charge it up. I love it! It keeps its charge for a long time and is waterproof too! They've looked at all the needs a person would have. Thanks!!

Great for a camp box

Super useful for a camp box. Lights up a tent well and hold charge for a long time. I prefer the warm white light much more though -- less glare and therefore more useful in the dark.

Extremely useful, long lasting

Used these in a rented off-grid cabin then immediately bought a few for our own camp box. The Warm White light is FAR better, imo, than the bright white. The warm light has less glare and the light diffuses better. In fact, we rarely use the bright white light anymore.

Love your lanterns!

I bought these lights years ago, for their clever design. Now they are even doing good - all the better. But to entice more people to buy them, they should not only be featured among the people they help, but also in more affluent "helper" households. In the end, the most important thing is that many are bought so many people are helped, so please show us more of their beautiful design. Thank you. Erika

Best party light

We had our 50th wedding anniversary and these lit up our yard for our party. They made backyard into a special celebration for our family and friends and they all loved the lamps .

Best party light

We had our 50th wedding anniversary and these lit up our yard for our party. They made backyard into a special celebration for our family and friends and they all loved the lamps .

perfect for Hurricane power outages

I live in Louisiana and have these all over my house now, these little lights are great for hurricane season. My daughter bought me a QWNN and I love it so much!
The little cubes look so good and I have one on on my out side railing and it turns itself on at night so I can see my way. up the stairs.

Great lights!!

Love your stuff and your customer care!

Best Lantern ever!

I've had my solar puff for about 5 years now, and it still charges perfectly and lights up a room. I can read by it and do all my evening activities. You can even use it at home to save on Hydro bills! I am giving these to every person I know via Birthdays and other reasons. The materials and design are brilliant, dependable, and I don't go anywhere without my Solar Puff. I'm so glad I saw this online (FB) and got one, and you will be too! Thank you Solight for your Genius!!

Best light for power outages

During a power outage due to TS Elsa we borrowed a Solar Puff Solar Lantern. It was FANTASTIC. Great light. The velcro makes it easy to attach and position the light so it stays in place, even in the wind. When not in use, it packs down so extremely small which is a big plus if you have limited storage space. Loved it so much I'm ordering one for myself and my Christmas gift list.

Must have for next road trip!

We do a lot of RV traveling and love that this can light our whole Van at night! It's perfect and looks great!

Great product, well designed

I bought this for my home and I have to say it’s well designed, nice job. I use on my porch at night


Impressive that it arrived in time for Father’s Day! My husband loved the design. It’ll come in handy for his weeklong campout.

We love ours!

We love ours, and bought more after we used them for a power outage during the fires in California. We use them for evening walks and our kids like them for playing in the bath tub!

BEST Camping Lantern

I got this for our trip to our weekend trip to Bear Mountain and had this for my tent! It's so light I carried it on my hike and at night we used it for making smores by the fire.

Thank you so Much Heather!! We're Thrilled you love our lights!


Dont' even try other solar lights this basically saved our family at night when we had power outages during hurricane sally last year. I got them for my parents and they want more! It looks great and the design is so smart, you can use it for bed room light when your in bed reading and dont want to bother your mate. Love this lantern!

Short lived but easy use.

I purchased a Helix when they were in the first stage of development. While it was easy and lightweight, it was used less than a dozen times and lasted about 2 years, even with little usage. It would be more sustainable to provide replacement charge tops for sale than to have to purchase another one for the just in case moments.
Otherwise, it’s a nice little bright light that saw me through 2 seasons of tropical storms and hurricane outages.