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We take ours in our camper van . The charge in the day on the dash and we use them all evening. Love them.

Solar Lantern in Singapore

I find the solar lantern very useful, serves many purposes here, however , the cost of delivery is really costly, it will be good if there's an alternative cheaper delivery service. on the whole, I do appreciate the effort and friendliness and prompt service provided by the Solight people.

Very usefull :)

This light is so practical! You only need feew hours of sun every day or so and have a shiny portable lantern. Love it!

Great customer service

These lights are small but mighty....I bought a set of three, but one had a pulled-out handle. I contacted SoLight via email, sent a pic of the issue, and easily arranged via customer service for a replacement at no charge. I put the light back in its box, and shipped it with a label provided to me. Easy peasy. The Twilights are a great light, love the red light feature , which includes a flashing red funtion (great for astronomy or emergencies)...the longevity of the light also amazes. I use them in lieu of turning on the electricity...starting at 9 pm on a full sun charge...the little thing lasts all night long, great to light up a hallway for those late-night bathroom breaks. Highly recommend the Twilight. Bigger is not always better.

Makes a wonderful, life-supporting gift

From gifts for my father and a friend's birthdays to a life-supporting aid for two associates who contend with intermittent power, these origami solar lamps are a delight to give. Sure wish I'd had a couple for the CoolAid music campout this Labor Day weekend!

Megapuff Origami Phone charger and lamp

Outstanding bright lamp. Many options for lighting intensity are provided. Phone charger is a really nice benefit when you are camping off the grid. Very pleased with the pre-order purchase

unique gifts

giving as birthday and christmas gifts this year

QWNN Solar Lantern

We love these solar lanterns, all aspects of the design have been well thought out from the exquisite origami to the really useful hanging straps. The lantern can be set at different brightness and the light emitted is very warm and satisfying. The solar panel work well as we leave ours on the window sill every so often to charge up. A truely fantastic product!

A terrific eco-friendly rechargeable light

Our grandson is on the autistic spectrum and finds lamps and lights soothing especially in a dark room. He takes the Sola Light to his bedroom at bedtime and uses it as a nightlight. He easily falls asleep and the light lasts almost all night. I highly recommend this light!


Quick response. Issue resolved no questions asked. Great customer service.


Only downside is that it is difficult to turn on &/or change to different light settings. Needs some work on that b/c I’m contemplating buying another one and the QWYNN, which I want to purchase is a rather costly option.

Happy with the look of the lantern & the light it emits, comforted to know I can charge my phone when & if: fine product.
Was confused to see in directions to use a usb cord to power it up, since I didn't have the kind required. Sunlight & time did the job.

Favorite light

I love these lights. Lightweight for an evening walks or camping.

Future light

excellent product

Still going strong

Supported your first kickstarter campaign, have given these as gifts and shared them with the many people I know who live off grid. In addition to my own use, I continue to share them when I travel. Twilights give people bright moments in the dark..

Instead of turning on lights, we use these beauties...

...beautiful origami design giving off a gorgeous light mom likes using them instead of our regular household lamps and ceiling pod lighting. I got the set of three of the solar puff lantern (bright) white and also the set of three of the twilight (red and bright white). I do astronomy so the red light feature a big plus. The are two handles, so u just pull and the device inflates...the material is strong. It doesnt het hot or even warm to the touch...its hangable...and when I showed the lights on a cousins zoom, everyone wanted them for energencies and all the parental units wanted to gift them to their kids living in stormprone areas. I had to put the link in the chat!! A little tip...discovered the lights last 8 hours if you don't let them discharge completely...I've timed them starting then up at 8 pm...and turning all but two of the twilights...and in the morning around 9 pm, they are still shining. I really want one that can charge a cell phone but I missed out on the GoFundMe oppty. Highly recommend

Love my SolarPuff

I purchased two of the original solarpuff lanterns years ago and they are still going strong. I just purchased the color version for my little sister for her birthday. Such a great product and great for the environment. Will be purchasing more and can't wait for the solar backpack to become available.

Awesome Solar Lights

I absolutely love my solar lights! I recently used them when our power went out during a storm and they created a lot of light in each room. They are so lightweight that it was easy to take them from room to room if need be. I've also put them on the top fence post of the split rail fence and they create a beautiful atmosphere during the evening. I have one in the trunk of my car in case I need it for a roadside emergency The blinking on and off feature can be beneficial in many different situations. If they were less expensive I'd buy more to give as gifts to friends and family. As it is, I speak very highly of these solar lights whenever the right opportunity presents itself.

one lamp was not warm and one is not working


Love this little lantern - pretty bright and wonderfully warm light! Already bought more as gifts for friends and they love them as well!

Love these unique lights powered by the sun!


Magic in a Cube

Who knew a simple little device could produce such light? It’s a wonderful product and anyone who buys it can feel good about supporting a company that helps people who are dealing with challenges like natural disasters. I saw the company CEO interview on the Weather Channel and was intrigued. Um do glad I purchased the product and will continue to do so. Buy one and tell your friends!

Solight Design-Collapsible Solar Light | HELIX HYBRID | Warm + Bright Light

Very convenient size when folded. Seems to solar charge quickly and gives off plenty of light