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Excellent design

I have discovered this solar lantern many many years ago in the UN store and I bought several to gift to friends. Last year, the lantern I bought over a decade ago finally expired on me. So I wrote to Solight to inquire about their recycling program as I don't want to just toss it out in the garbage. I am delighted to find out that they do have a recycling program and that I receive a 30% off coupon after I mail in the retired lantern. Which I did. I purchased another 3 lanterns to gift to students in my sustainability program. Beautiful lantern that worked for over a decade (I use it daily) and I love the fact that you don't have to blow up the lantern because of the special origami design. You can also select the warm or cool light with the newest version of the lantern. Extra bonus points! Thank you Solight!

Thank you so much!! We really appreciate. your kindness and so happy you like the new updated units!
You brightened our day!!

I love it I love how bright it is a how easy it is to put away. Love it love it love it.

They coming

Thanks they are coming


These lights are so incredibly awesome! They are not inexpensive but I anticipate years of reliable use because of the materials used and the ingenuity of design. I Love all of them! Thankful that you have shared these lights with those less fortunate. Highly recommended!

I love your lights!

Great invention

2 best aspects of both lights are;
- size and potability
- 2 USB chargers on the bigger one
I have showed them to a lot of friends and family so taking orders so can order together to share the slightly expensive shipping charges. Vancouvrr, BC

Love the light. Be careful with shipping

The lights are awesome. I knocked off a star because I paid for 2 day shipping so I could have these on a camping trip and they were not shipped within 2 days. (The shipping label was created but they were not actually shipped) Instead of refunding the full shipping amount I was only refunded $5. If you pay for 2 day shipping don’t expect them to get to you in 2 days and don’t expect a full refund.


I purchased this light to use for more ‘outdoor living’ during the warmer seasons. I love the design, battery life, and flexibility it gives to make that happen. It's like working with captured moonlight.
I also love the brand and its mission and values. But I may be biased, as Alice was one of my favorite professors in design school.

Lux Feliz!

I've been using Solar Puff lights since 2016 for everything from illuminating a room to camping, and a safety light for evening walks with my dog. I love the color options on this model. And I think a full charge lasts longer than previous models.

Helix Hybrid

Great for Florida weather. I have lost electricity twice in the last 20 days due to storms. The cube was safe, lightweight and easy to carry from room to room.

Love these lights. They are practical and good looking.

☀️DeLIGHTful QWNN solar lantern + power bank ⚡️

Love it so much, looking fwd to a power outage! 🌚 A few friends & family want one, too. Thanks so much for this cool invention. 😎 Charges easily on an apartment window sill. Brilliant!

You Gotta have this!!! A Cool-Looking solar powered light source that can charge your devices!!

I work with infants and took it to my class, they were mesmerized looking at it and I changed the intensity several times then let it flash. Every teacher who could see it through my windows came in to comment on how it was totally cool. The infants love touching it and trying to open and close it. The work you do in providing light sources to remote places in complete darkness at night helps soooo many kids be able to study and be safe. Thank you!


Read about Alice and SolarPuffs in the Book of Gutsy Women during a recent power outage and decided to buy some. Who knows when the next wind storm will take out more big trees?! These little cubes are perfect!

Great lantern! WARNING: do not recharge on car dashboard!

I love the simplicity and function of these lanterns and use them frequently. However, I recently discovered they will warp beyond recognition if left to recharge on the hot dashboard of a car. Giving myself a dope slap and a heads up to other users.

Wonderful light source

Love this solar lantern! Easy to use and charge. Wonderful light source

LOVE the Solar Helix

A must-have in my camping kit. The collapsible design is so much neater than other inflatable solar lights, and I love the color choices. Great for hanging around the campsite for ambience or in the tent for some extra light. Also love clipping these to my pack for visibility. The cube is still distinctive enough that my friends can find me easily in a crowd.

Still Amazed!

I am still amazed with all of Solight's products and how well they work. The lanterns were so helpful this last month when our electricity went out for days. They are also kind of fun, so purchased some for kids I know, and adults too that are gadget lovers. Also love the fact that Solight offers away to donate them to worthy causes.

Warm, bright, pretty, practical

Lovely warm bright light! Ideal in art fair tent at dusk. Great gifts for the light - but bid bonus was the USB port in a power outage!

Excellent Solar Lamp

This lamp is very practical, lightweight, waterproof and above all provides a wonderful bright glowing ambience. It packs well for travel and has convenient straps suitable for hanging. Great product!

Excellent product, would buy again

Bought two different sizes and are very happy with the quality and how durable they are. They also held a charge well even when not put in sunlight

SoLight Helix Hybrid is DeLIGHTful!!

After gifting a SoLight to Ukraine children’s hospital, I wanted one, too. Been craving something solar to use in an apartment for ages. This little cube is perfect! Charges in the sun on a windowsill, ready to light up anytime. So good to need no batteries or plug in, especially in a power outage. Brightens a dark corner near no outlet. LOVE! Thank you, SoLight, for sharing your ingenuity with the world.

Light for Chores

I love using the collapsible light while feeding hay after dark.

Love them - gave as gifts but did not receive the larger single one ordered at same time.