Add Solar Lanterns To Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

A RCMA and Solight Design Collaboration


Welcome to our RCMA Online Solar Lantern Store powered by Solight Design. Solight Lanterns are a great alternative to flashlights, provide bright, long lasting light for multiple uses and are kinder to the planet! With each purchase we will raise much needed funds to assist the families we serve with emergency preparedness.

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*To ensure your purchase helps the RCMA, please make all purchases from this page and enter RCMA at checkout. Thank you for your support!


Portable and lightweight, our patented design is easy to open and close. No inflating by mouth nozzle required! Solights come with powerful LEDs and are made from recyclable and PVC free materials. Best of all - no disposable batteries required!


Check your emergency light sources to make sure they are functional and can hold up to the force of powerful storms. Hurricanes create power outages and black-outs, resulting in loss of power. It is essential to have emergency sources of light and mobile charging capabilities that are solar powered or use batteries. Hurricanes also cause flash floods and storm surges creating extremely soggy conditions. You will need to ensure your light and mobile charging sources are reliable even when wet.


Flashlights are typically used as emergency sources of light. Solar lanterns are excellent alternatives during hurricane events. They do not require batteries, are bright, waterproof and lightweight. They can also be easily hung or attached for bright spatial lighting. They have been tested in the most extreme conditions including Hurricane Maria, Dorian, Irma. In addition to their incredible reliability and ability to hold a charge for months, they are better for the planet. 

Other Ways to Help

In addition to the purchase of Solights here are additional ways you can help:

GIVE A LIGHT: Purchase a Solight and donate it to RCMA. Click Here



Your purchases will raise funds to help our families with emergency preparedness. For any kind of emergency including Covid-19, hurricanes and whatever else may happen in 2020. When there is an emergency, we know that our families need immediate help.  From emergency distributions of food, baby formula, diapers, bottled water, tarps, rent and utility assistance.

Our collaboration with Solight Design was an opportunity born out of a common desire to help. It is an innovative way to raise funds while introducing our donors and alumni to an award-winning line up of solar lanterns that are excellent sources of emergency light especially during the stormy, wet hurricane season. We know Solights well as they have shone brightly in our midst for the last several years. 

As a community of dreamers and doers, it is heart-warming and gratifying to know we are making a difference and making things happen every day. The response from our donar, alumni and new members has been overwhelming. Through the strengthening of communities and helping those in need of a guiding light, opportunity can be open to all.