Get Hurricane Ready With Award-Winning Solar Lanterns

A BSA Central Florida Council and Solight Design Collaboration

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Buy A Solight. Support Your Council. Welcome to our Online Solar Lantern Store powered by Solight Design. Solight award-winning lanterns are a great alternative to flashlights, provide bright, long lasting light for multiple uses and are kinder to the planet! With each purchase we will raise much needed funds to continue our mission to bring the magic of Scouting to life.

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*To help ensure your purchase helps your local Council, please make all purchases from this page and enter CENTRALFLORIDA at checkout. Thank you for your support!
solar-lanterns-are-perfect -for a stroll on the beach-our solar lights are collapsible and can be used for emergency lighting. our solar-lanterns save on carbon emissions and will help you save money on your lighting bill.

The CFC Solight Collection

Portable and lightweight, our patented design is easy to open and close. No inflating by mouth nozzle required! Solights come with powerful LEDs and are made from recyclable and PVC free materials. Best of all - no disposable batteries required!


Designed to be the ideal camping and outdoor adventure companion, Solight lanterns are lightweight and flat-packable without the need to inflate and deflate with mouth nozzles. Our Solar Puff™ LS and QWNN™ come with hassle-free straps that can attach to tents, backpacks and bikes. Enjoy long-lasting spatial light to illuminate campgrounds, picnic areas, pathways and all your outdoor adventures. And no disposable batteries required!


Durable and extreme-weather tested, Solight lanterns are ideal for hurricane preparedness. With IP68 waterproof ratings, and puncture resistant technology, Solight cubes are safe and reliable for emergencies, and easy to open and close without the need to inflate and deflate with mouth nozzles. Stay safe and be prepared with bright, essential sources of light without the need for outlets or disposable batteries.


It’s hurricane season, which means hurricanes and tropical storms are likely to occur from now through November and typically peaks in September. An above normal season of hurricanes is expected and as of mid July, according to weather experts,we could see an additional 11 named storms before end of season. In true Scouting form, we are always ready and prepared for life. In the case of hurricane preparedness, reliable emergency lighting is critical, so let's get ready! 

Check your emergency light sources to make sure they are functional and can hold up to the force of powerful storms. Hurricanes frequently create power outages and black-outs, resulting in loss of power. It is essential to have emergency sources of light and mobile charging capabilities that are solar powered or use batteries. Hurricanes also cause flash floods and storm surges creating extremely soggy conditions. You will need to ensure your light and mobile charging sources are reliable even when wet.

Flashlights are typically used as emergency sources of light. Solar lanterns are excellent alternatives during hurricane events. They do not require batteries, are bright, waterproof and lightweight. They can also be easily hung or attached for bright spatial lighting. They have been tested in the most extreme conditions including Hurricane Maria. In addition to their incredible reliability and ability to hold a charge for months, they are better for the planet. 

COVID-19 x Hurricanes

The 2020 Hurricane Season will require additional preventative measures due to COVID-19. The CDC recommends you should continue to use preventive actions like washing your hands and wearing a face covering to help keep everyone safe.