Best Portable Solar Powered Lanterns for 2019
Helix Merlin
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SolarPuff Merlin
Helix merlin
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Watch this emotional video of one mother's story in Venezuela.

Venezuelan families are fleeing the country in droves as the humanitarian crisis grows by the day. According to the U.N., more than three million people have left Venezuela since the crisis began.

Solight Design, in partnership with Operation Blessing, is able to meet these families at the Columbian border crossing with life sustaining supplies and services. During times of crisis and disaster, these suffering families desperately need your help.

Soiight Lights off challenge photo contest

Come and join Solight Design in changing the way we light our world! Take the Lights Off Challenge! Turn off your regular lights and turn on your eco-friendly Solight solar lanterns.

Send us a photo of how you use Solight Solar Lanterns to change the way you light your world. All qualifying* photo entries will be entered for a chance to win a FREE QWNN (Solar Light + Phone Charger).

SolarPuff Merlin
Helix merlin
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QWNN- Solar Lantern + Power Bank

Best Portable Solar Powered Lanterns for 2019

Collapsable, lightweight, waterproof, eco-friendly solar lanterns that are perfect
for your home, patio, camping and emergency kits.

Change the way you light up your life!

SolarPuff. Portable solar lantern
SolarPuff. Portable solar lantern
SolarPuff Multi-Colored Merlin
Helix. Portable solar lantern.
Helix. Portable solar lantern.
Helix Multi-Colored Merlin
TwiLight. Portable solar lantern.
QWNN- Solar Lantern + Power Bank
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Solight Design portable solar lantern reviews

“Reducing pollution... with 10 million rays of light around the globe...” - TED

“The SolarPuff is saving refugee‘s lives... and has proven extremely useful in preventing crime...” - NY Times

“Clean, renewable devices such as the SolarPuff have the improve the lives of people...” - CNBC

“More than just a fun, new gadget... The SolarPuff is a remarkable invention.” - Huffington Post

“18 tech gadgets under $50 you probably don‘t need but will definitely want” - USA Today

“Great for the hiker, camper, or the lounger who can’t get enough of the back deck...” - WIRED

“The SolarPuff is saving refugee‘s lives... and has proven extremely useful in preventing crime...” - Fast Company

“The light‘s simple cube design makes it attractive to anyone who wants a sustainable light...” - Treehugger

“Solight products... lead with great design that both delights and changes lives, all equating to a 'wow‘ effect...” - Forbes

Featured Item! Up to 40% OFF!

The SolarPuff Merlin solar lantern with 10 Multi-colored LED lights!

The SolarPuff™ Merlin, with its 10 multi-colored LEDs, allows you to choose from red, blue, white, green, purple or yellow lights to compliment any setting, or switch to the auto light cycle mode to continually cycle through all the colors to add a festive and playful touch to your evening.

Portable solar lanterns that are perfect for your home or outdoor activities.

Solights takes form and function to new levels, with distinctively designed solar lighting that combines the power of the sun with aesthetics, convenience, and functionality.

Perfect for adventures in the wild, fun trips to the beach, accents around the home, relaxing under the stars, chills by the pool or just cozy nights at home.

Elegant Designs • High Lumens • Long Battery Life • Lightweight • Collapsible • Waterproof • Eco-friendly • Durable • 1 Year Full Warranty

These versatile solar lanterns will light up your nights.