A massive and horrifying Hurricane has hit Beira, Mozambique. Hurricane Idai has caused severe devastation. This is one of the worst weather events to ever hit Mozambique. The huge human cost from the storm has reached over 1,000 dead. No food. No water. No electricity. Flood levels have reached 20 feet in some areas. 90% of the city is estimated to have been destroyed. Over 1/2 million people have been displaced.

Only 5 short weeks later, Hurricane Kenneth has wreaked more havoc on the African coast.

Solight Design has been working with Care For Life who have been working on the ground to help coordinate humanitarian aid including food, water, shelter, medical assistance and bring lights to the victims of the devastation.

Buy a Helix Bright White Solar Lantern for yourself and Solight Design will donate one on your behalf to our Mozambique relief mission.

You can also donate a Solight directly to our Give Light Program to Mozambique.

Give Light: Mozambique

Photos and video courtesy of Care For Life.