Add Solight Lanterns To Your Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

Please be ready. The NOAA has advised an extremely active hurricane season. Solar Lanterns are bright, versatile, waterproof alternatives to flashlights.


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Living in Florida they were put to use following Hurricane Irma. No worries about batteries or candles. These saved the day. Highly recommended. Thank you for an awesome product!" 

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“They are so compact that I leave them in a kitchen drawer until they are needed. And they give off so much light. I received 2 from the Kickstarter and just ordered 2 more since hurricane season is coming up"

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“Those lights are Awesome!' Not only did they did they provide light , they provided comfort and joy. They soothed my soul in the dark and despair of the aftermath of Irma...

They are Perfectly designed !! The Velcro Handle/hanging strap is ingenious!!”

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“The Solight Solar Puffs were our nighttime lifesavers during our week-long power outage caused by the devastation of hurricane Irma.”

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