One SolarPuff TM can Give Safety, Health, and Economic Opportunity to a Woman with Five Children, Living in Extreme Poverty for up to Five Years.

Every Purchase Helps Us to Help Others

Every unit of product you buy from Solight Design contributes to providing lights to our partner organizations. Your purchases have helped to impact over 100,000 people to date. Many of these people have been through some of the worst traumas of their lives, whether it was an earthquake in Nepal, a hurricane in Haiti or Ecuador, or the fleeing from ISIS in the dark of night.

We Can all Make a Difference

No matter how small your effort or how large your vision, we can all make a difference. We've tried to make it very easy for everyone to help. You can buy a light for yourself and Solight Design will contribute to, a non-profit partner, who delivers our lights to regions of natural disaster, war, and extreme poverty, and receive a tax deduction for your efforts. We send light to the organizations we support below, or you can choose an organzation of your own. One light can make an enormous difference to a family living in the dark. One light will provide more safety and better health and economic opportunity.