Solar Lanterns

Solight's origami inspired collapsible solar lanterns are perfect for living on and off grid. They were voted one of the top Solar Lanterns of 2021 for their versatility, sustainability, and beautiful design. Each of our lanterns were designed with the whole family in mind and are easy to use, safe, and lots of fun! Our solar lights are waterproof and weatherproof, meaning they can stay outside or withstand most intense outdoor adventures. Our solar lanterns can hold up to 12 hours of light from a single charge giving you the freedom to use them again and again. Additionally, our origami inspired lights are a beautiful addition to any backyard setting and are perfect for setting the mood at any nighttime soiree.

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Why Solight’s Solar Lanterns?

Our Solar Charged Lanterns Are Eco-Friendly, Waterproof & Portable. Our solar lanterns allow you to tap into the most powerful source of energy in our galaxy; the sun. They are lightweight, waterproof, and portable which means they are perfect for any adventure. Bring them with you on camping trips, by the pool, or even to the bedroom as a nightlight.

At the heart of Solight Design’s products is our mission, to give light and hope to every citizen of the world. When you purchase a Solight Solar Lantern, you help us donate our lights to those who do not have electricity or who have been impacted by natural disasters. When you purchase a light with Solight, you can feel good about your impact. Additionally, our Give a Light program allows you to directly donate to those in need.

Our Solight Solar Lanterns last, on average, up to 12 hours per charge. This means that you can use your lights again and again, even on cloudy days. Simply place your lights outside, on a windowsill, or strapped to your backpack and allow them to charge during the day. Our lights can hold a charge for several years, meaning you will always be ready to light up the night when needed.