Light Warriors

I saw an article a while back in National Geographic photos showing how solar lights are helping marginalized communities in Africa and India, the photos were beautiful and told a compelling story of the life of the people working and living in regions where they make a few dollars a day, but using solar lights to survive and perhaps even thrive.  I reached out to the photographer, Ruben Salgado, and to my surprise he replied. Ruben was in Columbia on another shoot and I asked him if he would shoot some solar portraits of how our Solights were helping the immigrants leaving Venezuela after the government Blackouts there. Here is one story of a woman who opened her house to 50-60 women and children every night, families who were walking for miles a day to reach freedom and opportunities for surviving the inhuman conditions of their homeland. Martha is a light warrior, by fighting with her mind and heart, for strangers in the dark. We were fortunate to be able to help her through Operation Blessing and the lens of Ruben the passionate photographer of Solar Portraits.
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