Farmer with a Mission

June 4, 2019, St Thomas




This tall, extremely thin young man, had a spring to his step as he walked toward me. I recognized him from his talk in a panel discussion the morning I met him “Hey excuse me, but I have your light….the SolarPuff…” he was weaving his way through a flock of attendees in a sports auditorium in St Thomas. I wasn’t there for the beach or vacation but attending a conference on hurricane recovery, organized by the Clinton Foundation. 

He told his story of how he became a farmer,… he wanted to grow his own food,…simple. But more than that it was a mission to independence, empowerment, and collective consciousness for respecting, honoring the great gifts of our earth; soil, sunshine, water, an ounce of care, a sprinkle of seeds and hope, the key ingredients for life. Let’s not forget: a gallon of passion, the key ingredient for success.

Franco burst out, “I was given the SolarPuff right after hurricane Maria hit and I still use it everyday!! Its an amazing and beautiful thing, and it really works!! I just wanted to say  “thank you” for inventing such a great product. I’m a farmer and we need to move before the sun comes up to get to the market in time. When the sun comes up, that’s when the market starts, if we miss that, we miss selling our livelihood.”

With the travails of each day, trying to keep the company afloat, being challenged by investors, and the bottom line, it was uncanny how perfect the timing of this moment was, a sweet affirmation of why I started Solight and why I started inventing.  A small solution, a small seed of desire to help people.  A warm tap lightened my heart, you know you’re in the right place and on the right path when moments like this align.